Mindfulness-Based Coaching

What is Coaching?
Coaching allows you to have someone in your corner.  Someone who will meet you where you are with compassion and non-judgement.  Coaching allows you to take on your greatest challenges with the healing support of relationship. Together, we will listen to your deepest wisdom and use that as a guide post to forge a new path forward. I will help you develop the tools of mindfulness that will help you address the challenges you are facing while staying connected to your own inherent wisdom. Coaching gives you the tools to fully live your truth and fosters a deeper sense of compassion for self and others.  

Clients report many benefits from working within the coaching model:

Increased confidence
Reduction of stress
More meaningful relationships
Greater ease in communication
Deepened sense of self-trust
Increased compassion and empathy for self & others

I have worked successfully with couples, individuals, small groups and teens.  I look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

What clients seek coaching support for
Relationship Challenges
Depression & Anxiety
Loss & Grief
Life Transitions
Parenting Challenges
Addiction Recovery Support
Cultivating Healthy Habits
At Sunflower Yoga, we aim to keep all of our services accessible.  We offer coaching session on a sliding scale from $40-75
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