"Sunflower Yoga and Mindfulness is a hidden Hilltown gem"
Stacey is an exceptional teacher of the art of life, offering a thoughtful and diverse variety of courses that meet each student where they are in life at any given moment. Today, I credit this practice to improving my career, my relationships with myself and my family, and my overall quality of life. Sunflower Yoga and Mindfulness is a hidden Hilltown gem and Stacey is a gifted teacher. Give yourself the chance to try it out, I promise it will be time and money well spent. You are worth it.  -J.S.

"A healing touchstone"
Stacey is a healing touchstone for me as a teacher, both of yoga and the several classes I have taken with her that continue to reverberate and guide me.  I am a better, kinder, healthier, more effective and also more compassionate person (mother, friend and partner) because of her brilliant, courageous, gentle teaching. 

The tools Stacey taught me have played a significant role in allowing me to move forward in my life in an honest, mindful manner. Thank you. Thank you, thank you.
"My yoga home"
 I really love Stacey's teaching style!  I really appreciate the inward focus of  her approach and the gentleness, even when we are being vigorous. This is definitely my yoga home.  –C.L