Schedule of Events

All workshops and events are held at our studio in Cummington, unless stated otherwise.  If you are interested in booking a class or workshop for your community, school, or group, please contact us.  

Yoga Class 

Drop in Classes are held at
2 Main Street, Cummington

Mondays         4:30-5:30pm   Gentle Yoga  
Wednesdays   5:30-6:30pm   All Levels
Fridays            9:15-10:15am  All Levels

$15 per class

Monday-Thursday   Private Sessions available upon request

Upcoming Workshops
  1. 10
    Community Sit
    Monday, 6:00-7:00
    A 30-minute meditation will be followed by a discussion on a reading or presented topic. All are welcome. Free, though donations are graciously accepted. Sunflower Studio at 2 Main Street, Cummington.
  2. Sept
    Book Club: Radical Dharma
    September 6-27th, Thursdays, 6:00-7:00
    Talking race, love and liberation. This urgent call to action outlines a new dharma that takes into account the ways that racism and privilege prevent our collective awakening. This group is free & will meet over four weeks, Books can be obtained at your local bookstore or online. Our local library system does not currently have this book in it's system, but my hope is that we can donate a few of our copies from the group to make this important read available to our library system. Sunflower Studio at 2 Main Street in Cummington.
  3. 24
    Community Sit
    Monday, 6:00-7:00
    A 30-minute meditation will be followed by a discussion on a reading or presented topic. All are welcome. Free, though donations are graciously accepted. Sunflower Studio at 2 Main Street, Cummington.
  4. 17
    Mindfulness & The Parenting Journey
    Monday, 6:00-7:15
    A monthly parenting support group through the lens of mindfulness. We will join together each month to sit, cultivating sef-awareness as a form of self-care, and to discuss themes of mindfulness as they apply to parenting. This is a nonjudgmental and advice-free group, where we explore the struggles and joys of parenting with a gentle and compassionate heart. All those who identify as a parent in any step of this lifelong journey are welcome. This group is offered in partnership with It Takes A Village and is offered free of charge. Childcare is available. Sunflower Studio at 2 Main Street, Cummington.
  5. 30
    Cultivating Health
    Sundays, 9-11am
    A six-week, mindfulness-based approach to building health from the ground up. We will meet once a week for 2 hours to discuss foundations in health and changing habits. Part of this weekly meeting will include a yoga/exercise class that will be accessible to all levels, but will provide challenging exercises that help stimulate your metabolism and build strength in the body. A journal and email support are included in the six week program. Committment to suggested home practices during the seven weeks is strongly encouraged. Space is limited so early registration is encouraged to ensure a spot. Registration deadline: 9/24 $120 for 6 week program Sunflower Studio at 2 Main Street, Cummington.
  6. 29
    The Path of Yoga
    Saturdays, 9-11
    This class is for those interested in deepening their understanding of yoga as an 8-limbed path. In these classes we will eplore the roots of the practice through the study of the Yamas and Niyamas, yoga's ethical guidelines foundational to living skillfully. Classes include, meditation, pranayama, asana and personal exploration of the ethical principles in your own life as you embark on deepening your yoga practice. $18 for drop-in $75 for 5 week class Sept 29th -October 27th Yamas (5 weeks) Dec 1-29th Niyamas (5 weeks)
  7. 4
    Mindfulness for Beginners
    Thursday Evenings 6:00-7:15
    5-week Meditation and Mindfulness Groups Join us for an introductory course on meditation and mindfulness. Through formal meditation instruction, facilitated group discussion and embodied practices you will: • Gain insight into the benefits of meditation. • Learn to weave mindfulness into your daily life. • Acquire tools to cultivate a regular meditation practice. Cost is $85 for the five week group. Morning and evening group run for the five consecutive Thursdays in March.
  8. 3
    Mindful Relationships
    Wednesday evenings 7:00-8:15
    In this four week group we will explore the intersection of mindfulness and relationships. Mindfulness has the potential to deepen our relationships with our partners, parents, children, and friends. We will investigate the walls we create that separate us in relationship and cultivate tools that bridge more meaningful connections. $75 for the four week course.
  9. 2
    Sunflower Kids
    Tuesdays in October, 4:15-5:15
    Yoga and Mindfulness for kids aged 6-11. Through yoga, stories, play, art and outside exploration kids will learn to deepen their connection to their bodies, minds and the earth. Class size is limited to 8, so please register early. Tuesdays in October, 4:15-5:15pm. $75 for the five week series