Sunflower Yoga offers small group, and private yoga classes.  Our approach to yoga is one that makes it accessible to all practicioners. At Sunflower Yoga, there is an emphasis on listening to the body and cultivating a deep appreciation and understanding of one's own body wisdom.  





Sunflower Yoga offers a drop-in class each Wednesday at the Village Church in Cummington, MA.  The class is held from 5:30-6:30 pm.  The cost for drop-in classes is $15. 
*Please note that no one will be turned away for lack of funds, so please inquire about a sliding scale.
Small group classes are offered on a 10-week basis.  Small group instruction allows for classes to be tailored to the specific needs of each student, while building a supportive and close-knit community within each class. To learn about upcoming small-group sessions or to arrange a small group class, send us an email.
A private session allows you to work specifically with your physical and/or emotional journey.  A private session can be tailored to address recovery or work with limitations from a physical injury, build strength in the body, or to work creatively with places you would like to challenge growth in your personal practice.


Yoga Therapy aims to deepen your connection to your own body, to facilitate a deep listening to your inherent wisdom and trust in the body's healing capacity. 

Yoga therapy can provide you with tools to manage stress, work with depression or anxiety, find greater ease through major life transitions or loss, as well as tend to physical injuries in the body. 

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Private Yoga/ Yoga Therapy Sliding scale: $40-75 per hour long session
Together, we will create a payment plan that allows private sessions to be accessible to all students. 

Drop-in Yoga/ Small Group Classes:  Drop in rate is $15.  For both the drop-in class and small group classes, a ten-week pass is available for $125 ($12.50/ class) a savings of $25 

Please note: As with all offerings at Sunflower Yoga, no one will be turned away for lack of funds.  Please contact me if this pricing presents a hardship and we will create a payment plan that works for you.

Some thoughts on appropriation​ 

Cultural appropriation is taking a traditional practice from a marginalized group, stripping it of it's origins and meaning to benefit the dominant group.  This has and continues to happen to yoga in western civilization as it has become commercialized and commodified and largely stripped away from it's origins.  

Yoga practices have origins in South Asia and East Africa that date back thousands of years.  Many of these practices and it's practicioners have been subject to oppression and colonization.

At Sunflower Yoga, we aim for appreciation over appropriation and honor this practice and it's origins with humility and gratitude. We study yoga as an eight-limbed spiritual path, centering the eight-limbs as our guide for how to practice in a way that is inclusive versus exclusive. This is an on-going practice where we stay in the inquiry of how to do better.